primary domain name change

Each cPanel account has a primary domain. If you need to change the primary domain name of your account, submit a ticket to our support department mentioning cPanel account username , existing main domain and the new domain you want to use . The cPanel username will remain unchanged .

Make sure the your new domain is pointed to VernalWeb Nameservers otherwise you won’t be able to control the new domain’s DNS records via your cPanel account.


During domain name replacement please keep in mind that,

The new domain must not be existing to any VernalWeb cPanel account.

Because we operate a central DNS system, it is not possible for us to host the same domain twice on our network. Therefore if the new domain name is the primary domain for another cPanel account, or it is parked or added-on to an existing cPanel account, then you will have to remove it before we can fulfil your request.

All existing mailboxes will be replaced by new domain name.

That means, if you were using, new domain replacement will make it

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