domain parking

Parked domains are eqaul to primary domains(which you purchase with the hosting). It is not a unique website. Parked domain contains the same website name and the same contents of a website as primary domain. Only different is the suffix of the domain. Suppose your primary domain name is “” then the name of your parked domain will be “” or “” or “” etc. But the contents will be same as primary domain mentioned earlier.

To create and delete parked domain:


Step 1: Log into your cPanel by providing your username and password.

cpanel login
Step 2: Scroll down to domains section and click on “Parked Domains”
Step 3: Under “Create a New Parked Domain” enter the new purchased parked domain name in the box and click on “Add Domain”

Step 4: The list of parked domains can be found under “Remove Parked Domains” section.

And you are done. Users can remove a parked domain from this section.
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