FTP Upload

cPanel is the most popular Control Panel for Linux based Web Hosting Services. cPanel allows uploading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To upload files to your hosting account using FTP you’ll need to create a FTP Account. Let’s learn how to create FTP Accounts in cPanel.

How to create FTP Accounts in cPanel

STEP 1: Log into your cPanel Account

FTP Accounts

STEP 2: Search for ‘FTP Accounts’ under ‘Files’ menu & click on it.

FTP Account Creation

STEP 3: Enter your desired ‘Username’ & ‘Password’. Enter your desired directory name which will be associated to your FTP Account. Leave it blank if you want to upload to the root directory. Now click on ‘Create FTP Account’

Congrats, you have successfully created a FTP Account. Now start uploading.

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