duplicate wordpress website

Sometimes, we need to clone our own websites for several reasons like development or testing purposes. In this article, we will learn how to duplicate a WordPress website manually. For this article, we will duplicate a website from example.com to test.example.com.

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel account.

Step 2: If you duplicate the site on the same domain, create a subdomain.

Step 3: Now go to your File Manager.

Step 4: Copy all WordPress files from the current directory to sub-directory (subdomain).

Step 5: Now create a new database. This database will be used for the duplicate website.

Step 6: Export current database file from phpMyAdmin.

Step 7: Now import the database file to your newly created database using phpMyAdmin.

Step 8: You are almost done! Now you just need to change the website URL. To update the URL You can add this following code in the wp-config.php file.


And you are done! Now you know how to duplicate a WordPress website.

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