LiteSpeed Cache is disabled

While getting into LiteSpeed Cache settings in your WordPress Dashboard, you may find an error message LiteSpeed Cache is disabled.

LiteSpeed Cache is disabled

Why You See LiteSpeed Cache is disabled Error

When LiteSpeed detects that another plugin is using advanced-cache.php file, you may encounter this type of error. LiteSpeed works with most of the optimization plugins, but only if the functionality is not duplicated.

How to Fix “LiteSpeed Cache is disabled” Error?

If you have seen this error message, you need to configure LiteSpeed Cache not to use advanced-cache.php

If any other plugin is using advanced-cache.php, let it use.
Now go to SettingsLiteSpeed CacheAdvanced, and uncheck the “Include advanced-cache.php” option.

Advanced Cache

Save your changes and you should no longer get this error.

If the error still exists, you should contact your hosting provider. If your website is hosted on VernalWeb, get in touch with our support team.

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