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You can follow our most common FAQs here:

  • How can I signup?

 Ans: Choose any of our service and choose the following steps.

  • How to make a payment?

 Ans: We have several payment gateways i.e Paypal, 2CheckOut(Int. Credit Card), Walletmix (Bangladeshi Debit/Credit Card), SSLCommerz (Bangladeshi Debit/Credit Card), bKash as well as Bank Transaction. Even coming to our office, you can pay us by cash. For more details click here.

  • Do you have any hidden cost?

 Ans: There is neither eny hidden cost associated to our services nor we charge any setup fee that is not mentioned in our website.

  • Can I upgrade my plan later?

 Ans: You can upgrade your current plan to any larger plan without any extra charge. Only you have to pay the amount associated to the upgradable plan. Even you can upgrade your account features anytime with applicable charge.

  • Do you have a network uptime guarantee or SLA?

 Ans: YES! We offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

  • Will you advertise on my website or control panel?

 Ans: No. We will never ever advertise on your website or control panel.

  • Do you host adult websites?

 Ans: No. We don’t host any adult website as well as no adult content is allowed in our hosting.

  • Do you offer Telnet or SSH access?

 Ans: Normally, we don’t provide SSH/shell access to our clients. SSH/shell access may be requested via Support Ticket. This request must be accompanied by photo of the client’s national identity i.e driving license,NID, Passport verified billing address, as well as a legitimate reason for needing shell access. We are not required under any circumstance to provide SSH/shell access to our clients and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate shell access at any time, especially in the case of violation of the Terms of Service. In case of violation of our Terms of Service, the client’s account will be terminated immediately without notification as well as refund. We only allow SSH/shell access on the reseller hosting client’s main WHM domain and the web hosting client’s main domain.

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