One can find thousands of Hosting Services Provider out there over the internet. As a result migration between two hosts has become a simple issue that people are facing now a days. Here we’ve tried to provide a tutorial on ‘How to take a Full Website Backup from cPanel’ to help people migrating.

Step by step guide on ‘How to take a Full Website Backup’:

cPanel Login

STEP 1: Log into your cPanel account using your username & password.

Files Section

STEP 2: Go for  to the ‘Files’ section & click on ‘Backup Wizard’ once you are logged in.

Backup Wizard

STEP 3: Click on ‘Back Up’ button on the 1st step in Backup Wizard.

Full Backup

STEP 4: Click on ‘Full Backup’ button at the 2nd step of ‘Backup Wizard’. Though you can generate & download a partial backup if you want.

Download Backup

STEP 5: On the 3rd step of Backup Wizard set a Backup Destination from the drop down & click on ‘Generate Backup’ button.

Generate Backup

STEP 6: Your Backup is now being generated. Click on ‘Go Back’.

Download Link

STEP 7: You have been taken to the download screen & a Download link of your backed up file will appear here. Download that file & you are all set to migrate to another host.

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