SSH Client putty

Access Shared Hosting Account via SSH

By default, we don‘t allow SSH Access for oue shared hosting customers. However, if you must require SSH access on our shared cPanel servers then we may be able to provide you with a “jailed” SSH access. Submit a ticket to our support department to inquire about getting SSH access to your shared hosting (additional […]

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How to create 404 custom error page in cPanel

There are many cases when an user visits your website and can not find the expected page or content. May be the page is wrong or has already been removed. In this case, your website shows a default 404 error page which is not recommended by search engines.  They always prefer to have a custom […]

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primary domain name change

How to Change the cPanel Primary Domain

Each cPanel account has a primary domain. If you need to change the primary domain name of your account, submit a ticket to our support department mentioning cPanel account username , existing main domain and the new domain you want to use . The cPanel username will remain unchanged . Make sure the your new […]

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enable allow_url_fopen

How to enable/disable allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include functions

allow_url_fopen: For security reason, in shared hosting account allow_url_fopen is disabled by default. If you want to enable this function, you need to modify the custom php.ini file. allow_url_include: This functions is also disabled and to use allow_url_fopen you need to turn on this function too in the same way as allow_url_fopen.   Steps to […]

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restore email accounts

How to backup and restore emails in cPanel manually

cPanel account migration is a common issue now a days. Migration from server to server is very easy and most of us are used to do it as it is automatic. Email accounts are automatically transferred in this system. But restoring your backup email accounts those are taken from cPanel backup wizard is little bit […]

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File Manager

How to upload files using File Manager in cPanel

cPanel is the most popular Control Panel for Linux based Web Hosting Services in Web Hosting Industry. All the things you need to get best out of your website is included in cPanel. File Manager is one of the most important features of cPanel. Using File Manager one can easily upload & manage files. Here […]

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Change or Update cPanel Account Password

How to Change or Update cPanel Account Password

Very often we need to change or update Password of our cPanel Accounts for various reasons. Changing cPanel Account’s Password is a easy task to accomplish. Let’s learn how to Change or Update cPanel Account Password. Step by step guide to Change or Update cPanel Account Password STEP 1: Log into your cPanel account using […]

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How to take a Full Website Backup from cPanel

One can find thousands of Hosting Services Provider out there over the internet. As a result migration between two hosts has become a simple issue that people are facing now a days. Here we’ve tried to provide a tutorial on ‘How to take a Full Website Backup from cPanel’ to help people migrating. Step by […]

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cron job

Cron Job Usage & Policy

What Is a Cron Job? Cron Job is a standard Linux utility which we use to schedule a command or script to run automatically at a specified time and date. It is like the schedule task in Windows. Cron is very useful for repetitive tasks as we can delete temporary files, modify files or databases […]

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