WHM Remote MySQL Connection

By default, remote MySQL connections are disabled for all cPanel servers. To enable remote MySQL connection in WHM, please follow the steps.

Steps to enable Remote MySQL Connection

Step 1: Login to your WHM account.

Step 2: Navigate to the option Additional MySQL Access Hosts under SQL Services section.

Step 3: Enter IP or host name from where you want to connect MySQL server remotely in the text box.

Step 4: Click on Save button to make the changes.

Step 5: You can enable remote MySQL connection for all cPanel users by using the Click here option.


Whitelist remote host IP using SSH Access

Step 1: Login to your server using SSH.

Step 2: Whitelist the remote IP in the csf firewall by using the following command.

# csf -a <IP>

Step 3: Restart the csf to enable the changes.

# csf -r


Whitelist remote host IP using WHM

Step 1: Login to WHM.

Step 2: Navigate to the option ‘ConfigServer Security & Firewall’ under the section ‘Plugins’.

Step 3: To white list IP address in csf.allow file you must enter the IP that you want to white list in ‘Quick Allow’ section along with the option comment for allow.

Step 4: Click ‘Quick Allow’ button to save changes.

You can also configure Remote MySQL Connection from cPanel.

Now you can login to remote MySQL server from the allowed host in the WHM server.

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