webmail interface

Email signature is an important making your identity in your emails. You can set up HTML formatted signature in your webmail using two interfaces – Roundcube & Horde.

webmail interface

You can access your webmail using this link:




If you still haven’t created any email account in your cpanel, follow this guide.

Let’s learn how to set up email signature in cPanel webmail:


Step 1: Log into your webmail

Step 2: click on Settings in the upper right corner of the screen


Step 3: Under Settings, click on the Identities

Step 4: Double click on the email ID, for which Signature will be setup.

email ID

Step 5: Here you will see the Regular Signature Box where you can create a simple text email signature. If you wish to use HTML, checkmark HTML signature checkbox:

signature box

In HTML signature interface you can write HTML code, links or images like logos or anything

Please note that image size must be under 30KB.

Step 6: If your Signature is created, click on the Save button.

signature box

And you’re done.



Step 1: Log into your webmail and Hover over the GEAR ICON


Step 2: Hover over the Preference under GEAR ICON and click on the Mail option.

Prefernece Mail

Step 3: Click on the Personal Information section.

Personal Information

Step 4: Now scroll down to the Your signature section and input your Signature content. Under this section, you can create HTML-Formatted Signature in the last box.

Step 5: Once you are done, click on the Save button

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