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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has become one of main keys behind the success in Online Businesses. It enables a server to create a encrypted connection with a browser so that no third party can breach it. Let’s Encrypt has started to offer Free SSL Certificate to make web a better place. Installing SSL Certificates by Let’s Encrypt isn’t a tough task to accomplish. Here we’ve discussed about Let’s Encrypt SSL Installation in cPanel.

Step by step guide on How to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate from cPanel:


STEP 1: Open a Browser & navigate to


STEP 2: Enter the domain name (I used ‘’) for which you want to enable SSL Certificate & click on ‘Create Free SSL Certificate’ button.


STEP 3: Click on ‘Manual Verification’.


STEP 4: Scroll down a little & click on ‘Manually Verify Domain’

download files

STEP 5: Download verification files.

STEP 6: Log into your cPanel account.

File Manager

STEP 7: Click on ‘File Manager’ in the Files section.

create folder

STEP 8: Create folder named ‘.well-known’ in ‘public_html’ & browse that folder.

create another folder

STEP 9: Again create a folder named ‘acme-challenge’ inside ‘.well-known’ folder & put the verification files that you’ve already downloaded in this folder.


STEP 10: Go back to cPanel & search for ‘SSL/TLS’ in the ‘Security’ section.

CSR Generate

STEP 11: Click on ‘Certificate Signing Requests’

CSR2 generate

STEP 12: Fill out the form carefully & click on ‘Generate’ button & you’ll get encoded ‘CSR’ on the next screen.

copy CSR

STEP 13: Copy the generated CSR.

Paste CSR

STEP 14: Now go back to the screen you left at ‘STEP 5’ Check on ‘I have my own CSR’ you will now be given a text box to enter your CSR. Put it there & click on ‘Download SSL Certificate’.

STEP 15: Now you’ve got your desired SSL Certificte.

STEP 16: Go back to ‘SSL/TLS Manger’ in cPanel & click on ‘Certificate (CRT)’

upload certificate

STEP 17: Paste your certificate here & click on ‘Save Certificate’

STEP 18: Once your certificate is saved go back to SSL/TLS Wizard again & click on ‘Manage SSL Sites’

install SSL

STEP 19: Select the domain name from the drop down & click on ‘Autofill by Domain’

complete SSL installation

STEP 20: Scroll down a little & click on ‘Install Certificate’.

successful message

All done: A pop up screen with SSL Installation Confirmation will appear.

Congratulations, you are now ready to roar with an SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt.

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