You can redirect your one domain to another domain from cPanel redirect option or using .htaccess file in the file manager. If you use cPanel Redirect option, the redirect rules are added in.htaccess file automatically. Here is a step by step guide on How to Setup a Domain Redirection in cPanel

To Setup a Domain Redirection:

Step 1. Login to your cPanel.

Step 2. Click the Redirects button in the Domains section.

Step 3. You will then be on the Add Redirect page. Click the drop-down box for Type and choose if you want to create a Permanent (301), or Temporary (302) redirect.

add redirect
Step 4. Then click the next drop-down box and specify the domain you want to redirect.

select domain
Step 5. After the slash sign you can enter any folder/directory of your domain if you need.

Step 6. Enter the specific url/address you want to redirect to.

target domain

Step 7. Choose if you want to “Only redirect with www.” “Redirect with or without www.” or “Do Not Redirect www.

Step 8. Check the box if you want to create a Wild Card Redirect. This will add the the file/folder name after the url when it redirect. For instance, would redirect to

Step 9. Click the Add button and you are done.

complete redirection

You are finished when you see a green message with the details of your redirect.

successful message

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