cPanel account migration

How to Transfer an Account from Another cPanel Hosting

Here we are focusing on how you can create a full backup in your cPanel account and transfer to our reseller hosting. The backup file is generated in a single zip file and you will be able to download and move the file to new account. Now let’s discuss.. Step 1: Login to your old […]

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feedback message

Resetting cPanel Account Password in Reseller WHM

If you are using Reseller Hosting and you customers can not change/reset their cPanel account passwords, this is your job to help them change or reset the password. In this article we are going to show you how you can change or reset the password for your customer’s cPanel account. Let’s do it by following […]

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How to create a MySQL Database in cPanel

Database is one of the most important core feature of a dynamic website. Data storage, data transfer and hundreds of tasks are done with database. Although there are several types of databases, MySQL is one of the most renown among them. Today we will learn how to create a MySQL database in cPanel. So let’s […]

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SSH Client putty

Access Shared Hosting Account via SSH

By default, we don‘t allow SSH Access for oue shared hosting customers. However, if you must require SSH access on our shared cPanel servers then we may be able to provide you with a “jailed” SSH access. Submit a ticket to our support department to inquire about getting SSH access to your shared hosting (additional […]

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Create a Hosting Package in WHM

How to Create Hosting Packages in WHM

WHM (Web Host Manager) allows users to create hosting packages to allocate specific resources & setting for cPanel Accounts. It allows you to specify disk quota, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, ftp accounts, mysql databases, subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, maximum number of email relayed per hour etc. Creating packages speeds up cPanel Account creation. You […]

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Create CNAME record

How to create CNAME records in cPanel

cPanel is being used by millions of users now a days. Creating a CNAME Record is not a common case that happens usually, but sometimes advanced cPanel Users need to create CNAME Records. CNAME is a sort of DNS Record which is used to point a hostname elsewhere. Let’s learn how to create CNAME Records […]

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File Manager

How to upload files using File Manager in cPanel

cPanel is the most popular Control Panel for Linux based Web Hosting Services in Web Hosting Industry. All the things you need to get best out of your website is included in cPanel. File Manager is one of the most important features of cPanel. Using File Manager one can easily upload & manage files. Here […]

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a record

How do I create an A Record in my cPanel account?

A record is a great feature of DNS (Domain Name System). To point your domain to any specific address, you can create A record in your cPanel account. Let’s learn how create an A record in cPanel. To create an A Record in cPanel, follow these steps: Step 1: Sign in to your cPanel account. […]

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