Add an MX Entry

How to add an MX entry in cPanel

We assume you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen. Now let’s learn how to add an MX entry. Click the MX Entry icon. Setting a custom MX entry is useful if you want your email handled by another server, or if you want to setup a backup email server. […]

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a record

How do I create an A Record in my cPanel account?

A record is a great feature of DNS (Domain Name System). To point your domain to any specific address, you can create A record in your cPanel account. Let’s learn how create an A record in cPanel. To create an A Record in cPanel, follow these steps: Step 1: Sign in to your cPanel account. […]

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addon domains

How to create/remove Addon Domains

Almost all the Hosting Solution Providers are allowing several Add-on Domains with their Shared Hosting Services. Addon Domains are domains hosted on that same Hosting Account. Add-on Domains do not get a separate cPanel Account but can get FTP Account associated with it. Here is a step by step guide on ‘How to create/remove Addon […]

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