edit .htaccess file

How to create or edit .htaccess file in cPanel

The .htaccess file contains several directives (instructions) that guide the server how to behave in certain scenarios and directly control your your website functions. There are some common directives like redirects and rewriting URLs that can be found in .htaccess file. There are many scripts and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento […]

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CSF blacklist ip address

How to whitelist an IP Address in ConfigServer Firewall (CSF)

ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) allows you to manually whitelist and blacklist IP addresses in your server’s firewall. In this article we will cover how to whitelist your IP Address. It is a good idea to whitelist IP addresses on your server you can trust, such as the IP address of your home network. Whitelisting your own […]

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force SSL using .htaccess file

How to force SSL using .htaccess file

Security has become one of the most important concerns on the Web. Very often we skip visiting a Web Page just because it doesn’t have a SSL Cerificate. And most of the internet users do not share any of their credentials like email address with the Websites without a SSL. Here we’re going to show […]

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