WHM Remote MySQL Connection

How to Enable Remote MySQL Connection in WHM?

By default, remote MySQL connections are disabled for all cPanel servers. To enable remote MySQL connection in WHM, please follow the steps. Steps to enable Remote MySQL Connection Step 1: Login to your WHM account. Step 2: Navigate to the option Additional MySQL Access Hosts under SQL Services section. Step 3: Enter IP or host […]

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Create a MySQL database in cPanel

How to create a MySQL database in cPanel

We assume you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen. Now let’s learn how to create a MySQL database. Click the MySQL Database Wizard icon. Enter a name for the new database, then click Next Step. Now we have to create a user for this database. Enter a username and create a password, […]

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Import Database

How to import a database using phpMyAdmin

In this article, we will show you how to import a database using phpMyAdmin. This is assumed that you have already created a blank database in your cPanel account and you wish to import your existing database file to your blank database. Step 1: Log in to cPanel account. Step 2: Go to phpMyAdmin. Step […]

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Create a MySQL Database and a User from cPanel

Creating MySQL Database & User from cPanel is very easy. One can perform these tasks within a few mouse clicks. Here is a step by step guide on ‘How to Create a MySQL Database and a User from cPanel’   Create Database: Step 1: Log into your cPanel by providing your username and password. Step […]

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