cPanel account migration

Here we are focusing on how you can create a full backup in your cPanel account and transfer to our reseller hosting. The backup file is generated in a single zip file and you will be able to download and move the file to new account. Now let’s discuss..

Step 1: Login to your old cPanel account

Step 2: Create a Full Backup

Step 3: Download the Backup File that has been generated in the previous step. Note that the file is in the ZIP format.

Step 4: Upload the backup file to your reseller account using cPanel File Manager or FTP. Learn FTP Guidelines for more information.

Step 5: Request for Backup restoration to our support staff. Submit a ticket and wait till the task is complete.

Step 6: After getting confirmation from our support staff that restoration process is done, login to your account and check if everything working good. If your domain is not fully propagated, you can use temporary URL for checking your recently transferred site.

We hope this tutorial helps you find the perfect solution. If your like our tutorials, definitely you’ll love our support. All VernalWeb hosting plans include 24/7 support from our amazing inhouse support staff. Check out our web hosting plans and have your website migrated today!

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