File Manager

cPanel is the most popular Control Panel for Linux based Web Hosting Services in Web Hosting Industry. All the things you need to get best out of your website is included in cPanel. File Manager is one of the most important features of cPanel. Using File Manager one can easily upload & manage files. Here we’ve discussed how to upload files using File Manager.

How to upload files using File Manager:


cPanel Login InterfaceSTEP 1: Log into your cPanel account using your Username & Password.

File Manager

STEP 2: Search for ‘FILES’ section inside your cPanel Account. Click on File Manager.

Public HTML

STEP 3: It will bring you to a new window. Click on ‘public_html’ on the left pan.


STEP 4: You will now be taken to the public_html folder where your all web files are in. Click on ‘Upload’.

Select File

STEP 5: On the upload screen click on ‘Select File’ button. It will take you to the upload wizard.

Upload Windows

STEP 6: Select the file you want to upload, click on ‘Open’.

Congrats! You’ve uploaded a file using File Manager. Upload process may take some time according to the size of the file you’re uploading.

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