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According to the regulations introduced by Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) starting on January 1, 2014 we need to verify Who.is information for all domain registrants. Only registrant contact information for generic TLDs (gTLDs) will need Whois validation in the following cases:

– for new registrations;
– for registrant contact information changes on existing domains.

When someone registers a new domain is , we will immediately send an email to the Registrant email address specified for the domain. We will send a verification email if you made an edit to either of the following Registrant contact fields:

– First Name
– Last name
– Registrant Email Address

If the Registrant email is changed, the email will be sent to the new email address specified.

The verification email will come from sales@vernalweb.com with the following subject: “IMPORTANT! Verify your Who.is contact information for”. The email will contain a link you need to click on to verify your email address.

NB in regards to new registrations: You must verify the email address by clicking on the link within 15 calendar days after registration. If you do not verify within 15 calendar days, the domain will be suspended, the DNS of the domain name will be changed. The domain will resolve into a landing page with the instructions on how the verification can be made and, as a result, the DNS returned to the previous settings and your website restored.

NB in regards to contact updates: You must verify the email address by clicking on the link within 7 calendar days after update. When the combination of email, first name and last name for Registrant contact is updated, the domain(s) will be added to the update queue. This means that the updates will be visible in your Dhaka Web Host account, but contact details will not be changed in public Whois until the verification email is approved. If you do not verify within 7 calendar days, the queue request will be cancelled. In this case the domain(s) will not be subjected to suspension, and the contact updates made in your VernalWeb account will be reversed automatically.

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