Change default SSH Port

How to change default SSH Port of VPS

As security has become the most important concern over Internet, you need to ensure best practices while managing your server. Well, changing the Default SSH Port to a different one is a part of Server Administration Best Practices. Here we’ve discussed how can one change default SSH Port of Linux VPS. Change default SSH Port […]

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Change Password

Update root Password for Linux VPS or Dedicated Servers using PuTTy

Well, as Linux is one of the most popular Operating System for Servers, millions of people can be found who are using Linux for operating their Servers. Very often they need to update Password of the root account. This task can easily be accomplished using PuTTy. Let’s learn how to update root password for Linux […]

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Login to your VPS or Dedicated Linux Server using PuTTy

Reboot your VPS/Dedicated Linux Server using PuTTy

Linux is a Open Source Operating System & is being widely used for Severs. Sometimes we need to reboot Server using Command Line. You can easily reboot or restart your server using Command Line. I have used PuTTy to show how to reboot your VPS/Dedicated Linux Server using Command Line. Step by step buide to […]

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restart apache in whm

How to Restart Apache Server Using SSH or WHM

You can restart your Apache Web Server through the WHM or through SSH access. Please see the below tutorials on how to restart your Apache through WHM and through command line. You must have root access to your server to restart. To restart Apache server using SSH, login to your SSH and run this command: […]

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