Web Hosting Control Panel Comparison: cPanel vs Plesk

There are two types of website users. One type is regular user and another type is webmaster. Regular user is  the end user of a website but the webmaster is the owner of a site. As an owner, the webmaster has to deal with his website regularly. If you are a webmaster, definitely you know about hosting. There might be circumstances in which you’ll require more extensive access to your server, and that is the place web control panels come in.

The control panel is an interface board utilized by the facilitating organizations to deal with their sites. Control panels give control over different parts of server and site through the graphical interface and automation instruments.

As a part of hosting a website, most well known control panels are: cPanel & Plesk Panel

Both Plesk and cPanel are two effective control boards with rich highlights and comparable functionalities. They are famously utilized by a great many web facilitating arrangements. Regularly, your decision will descend to your very own needs.

On the off chance that we will deal with the better board as indicated by highlights at exactly that point it can be hard to find the correct solutions.

This article is an appraisal of how cPanel looks at to Plesk so you can choose which one may be the correct decision for you.

cPanel vs Plesk: A Head to Head Comparison

Introduction to cPanel:

cPanel is the most popular control panel for hosting websites. The versatile features for cPanel will make you more fascinated to this software. This kind of use empowers you to communicate with your server and perform particular activities like, dealing with your databases, backup maintenance, CMS interactions, third-party application collaboration and so on.

The most powerful feature this software has is its user-friendliness. You can deal with it even if you don’t have clear knowledge regarding cPanel. It was designed for Linux-based systems, which happen to power the majority of the web.

cPanel accompanies Web Host Manager (WHM) as standard, although shared hosting clients will never observe WHM unless they move up to affiliate or VPS facilitating. The cPanel side is for the site proprietor, while WHM is for the server manager. The two frameworks cPanel and WHM both have isolate logins and interfaces.

Web Hosting companies are fond of cPanel because of it’s API & command based automation. Automatic or One-click account setup is obviously an amazing feature you know.

cPanel control panel

Key Features:

  • Linux-based hosting control panel
  • Includes a broad range of features, including backup and database tools
  • Enables users to set up most CMSs with simple installers
  • Can power a hosting platform if used alongside WHM
  • Third-party application collaboration


In case of virtual private server (VPS), $20 is set as monthly price and for dedicated server it’s $45


Introduction to Plesk

At first look, Plesk isn’t that unique in relation to cPanel. Truth be told, the thing that sets both control boards separated is that Plesk is accessible for the two Windows and Linux. In case you’re utilizing a Windows-based server, the decision is essentially made for you.

In any case, Plesk has something other than accessibility taking the plunge. It includes a spotless and present day interface that may help you to remember the WordPress dashboard. All the key highlights you have to access can be come to from a sidebar and whatever remains of the screen changes relying upon which one you pick.

Moving onto highlights, Plesk coordinates both server and record administration out of the case, which should make your life less difficult. The stage likewise incorporates about each component cPanel does, which makes picking between both troublesome. Try not to stress however, we’ll enable you to do that in a moment.

Plesk control panel

Key Features:

  • Supports both Windows and Linux-based servers
  • Includes both server and account management features out of the box
  • Supports most popular CMSs and provides installers for them


Plesk plans start at $5 per month without account management features and rise to $10 per month with them.


Final Thoughts:

Each web hosting control panel has its own qualities and shortcomings. Working framework similarity, evaluating, specialized help, convenience, additional items and modules make a one of a kind ease of use profile for each individual buyer. I trust that enough data has been given in this article to help encourage an exceedingly troublesome decision!

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