How to Write an SEO Optimized Article

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique to boost or increase the search engine visibility of your website. It plays a very important role to get more traffic and audience to your website. If you’re a blogger or a site owner, you must have some basic idea of SEO. Isn’t it? To prepare any kind of text-based or video contents you must maintain and take care of the SEO part. This article is about writing text-based SEO content or article. Here you’ll learn to write SEO optimized article. Is it too tough or complicated to write SEO optimized article?

Well, it’s quite complicated to write SEO optimized articles but if you know the trick then it’s easier than you can ever imagine. All you need to understand is, how SEO works and how to prepare the skeleton before you put beef in an SEO article. It really doesn’t matter what kind of online business or a private blog site you run, but if you want your product to be familiar with others, you have to create SEO optimized articles for greater consequences. Let’s see how you can write an SEO article with ease.

So here we start,

Write SEO Optimized Article in 6 Easy Steps

1. Make a Plan

Before you start writing an article, prepare a structure of it. By the word, structure means, choose a topic, mark all the aspects you want to mention, research keywords you need to use and the readability of the article. Keep that in mind, your article should be engaging, informative and well-written. Starting with an intro and finishing with a conclusion makes the article looks great. Always remember, a well-written article works like a piece of magnet. It can attract a lot of traffic and readers. Always come with the perfect keyword plan. You must have to use all the keywords correctly because SEO is the crucial part of any content. So, you need to make a plan first.

2. Keyword Research and Listing

If you’re writing an SEO optimized article, it’s imperative to prepare a list of keywords first. There’s a various type of keywords you can use in your content. It’s up to you whether you want to use short tail or long tail keywords. You can also use a single keyword or multiple keywords for a single article. There are many keyword research tools you can find on the internet nowadays. Choose your desired keyword wisely and make it useful. Keyword density and keyword placing are also important.

In terms of keyword placing, you have to put the primary keyword in the article title, introduction, subtitle, body and conclusion and the standard keyword density is 0.8% to 3% depending on the content size. Example: For a 500 words article, keyword density 0.8% to 1% is good enough. You can use more than that but too much use of keywords can make the content look derailed. So, keyword research, listing, density, and placing are important parts when you want to write SEO optimized article.

3. Start Writing

Are you done with the plan and keyword research right? Well, it’s time to start pressing the keyboard. Start writing the article now. But hey! Be careful. Why do you need to be careful now? Please make sure that your grammars are “Okay”, give a catchy title, break the entire article into small paragraphs, use keywords as mentioned previously, avoid overuse of keywords, keep your eyes on keyword density and be clear and keep the content readable. Always remember, too much use of keyword is also known as keyword “stuffing” and Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing. So, use keywords when necessary and sensibly.

4. Link Building

Link Building

Link building is a very important segment of an article. Create hyperlinks, inbound and outbound links to make the article more informative. Inbound linking is based on the process when you make a link to another existing content with the current one. Outbound linking is when you refer the reader to go to another website. Which mean, link to another site or blog. This is how you can keep your reader busy and curious. Link building is very useful when you try to make your content more informative and rich.

5. Checking and Correction

After writing the article, now you have to go through the entire piece. Make sure there’re no spelling errors, no grammatical errors, no filler words, no keyword stuffing, no irrelevant talk, no complicated sentence structure and no repetitive words or sentence. You can also add some images or videos if you want to make the article visually fine. Check all these major parts of your content and if you find everything okay when you’re ready to upload it.

6. Sharing and Caring

Alright! You’ve done a lot. After tireless hours of research, writing, checking and uploading, do you think you’re done with your job? Not really. Now the bigger responsibility on your shoulders. What is that? Now you have to share the content. If you want others to know about your product or thoughts, you need to share your articles. How? There are many ways. You can share the content on social media, you can share it with your friends and family. This is how you spread your voice.


So, how was it? I hope this article was helpful enough to prepare you as a writer. Now you have some basic knowledge of how to write SEO optimized article. If you find this article helpful then do not forget to share it with your friends or someone who wants to become a writer. Help them and let them know.

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