CyberPanel VPS

Cloud VPS with CyberPanel & LiteSpeed

Enjoy the top-notch performance of VPS hosting powered with CyberPanel, a reliable open-source web hosting control panel supported by OpenLiteSpeed. Choose a CyberPanel VPS Hosting plan from VernalWeb.

CyberPanel Hosting
  • CPV 1
  • Starting at
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 25 GB NVMe Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • CyberPanel Included
  • Premium Addons
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache
  • CPV 2
  • Starting at
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 50 GB NVMe Storage
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • CyberPanel Included
  • Premium Addons
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache
  • CPV 3
  • Starting at
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 80 GB NVMe Storage
  • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • CyberPanel Included
  • Premium Addons
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache
  • CPV 4
  • Starting at
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 160 GB NVMe Storage
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • CyberPanel Included
  • Premium Addons
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache

CyberPanel Features

CyberPanel comes with tons of intuitive features to keep your website fast, secure & up so you are all set to get significant improvements and an ultimate hosting experience.



LSCache (LiteSpeed Cache) offers a built-in module with plugins for dynamic content building. Speed up your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.


Auto Installer

What does it take to install WordPress (with LSCache)? Install Wordpress Joomla and Prestashop on CyberPanel in just one click.


Easy backup/restore

Free backup system comes with CyberPanel. You can backup and/or restore from Google Drive, AWS S3, remote SFTP or local machine in one click.


GIT Deployment

CyberPanel is fine-tuned with GIT. Connect Github and GitLab repos and deploy code in a few clicks via GIT webhooks feature.


Multi-object Caching

Object caching integration made simple. With CyberPanel you can Integrate objects such as Redis, Memcached, or LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD).


HTTP/3 & QUIC Support

HTTP/3 ensures top-notch performance, lowest latency, super-fast connections and retransmissions of the lost packets.

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LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed is a high-performance and scalable web server with best-in-class features. It saves resources while maintaining performance, compatibility, and security. Now replace the existing Apache server with LiteSpeed without making changes in OS or other software programs.

ModSec and CSF Firewall

The security of your website should be of utmost importance. CyberPanel VPS hosting comes with ModSecurity, a web application firewall to keep your website safe and secure against online cyberattacks.

With ModSecurity, you can even use CSF with CyberPanel which needs just a few clicks. It adds up an extra security layer that prevents the attacks before they reach the software systems.

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Web Based Terminal & CLI

For those that like to work in a terminal, the CyberPanel affords you the luxury of a command line interface. That allows you to replicate the work you do in the control panel via CLI. With Web Based Terminal, you can access your VPS SSH server and perform tasks from your browser with ease.

Get A Good Company

Our CyberPanel VPS plans are fully optimized for speed, security and scalability. No matter what your needs are, from a single server to a redundant failover setup, we've got you covered!

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Platform

    Rest assured that our cloud hosting infrastructure will ensure your information and data is always safely hosted in the cloud against any failure.

  • Scalable Resources

    Scalable Resources

    Scalability allows you to reshape your infrastructure and your business gets incredible speed and flexibility. Start small and scale up your server when you grow.

  • Solid State Drive

    NVMe SSD Storage

    We drastically improve the speed of your website by investing in the latest technology. With Solid State Drives (SSDs) your website loads 20X faster.

  • rapid deployment

    Rapid Deployment

    We are very much aware of timeliness. To provide seamless service we ensure that all cloud servers are deployed within minimum time span.

  • Dedicated IP

    Dedicated IP

    All VPS plans include dedicated IP address. Your dedicated IP address will never be shared with any other website.

  • datacenter

    Worldwide Datacenter

    VernalWeb Cloud Hosting is available in 5 locations worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • support

    24/7 Robust Support

    You are backed by 24/7 robust support system. Our award-winning support team will resolve any kind of issue within minimum time limit.

  • uptime sla

    99.9% Uptime SLA

    If you are tensed about your server uptime, VernalWeb has got you covered. You server is guaranteed by 99.9% infrastructure uptime availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberPanel?
CyberPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel for Ubuntu and Enterprise-based Linux operating systems. It is alternative to cPanel or Plesk. It is developed based on OpenLiteSpeed Web Server, with Pure-FTPD and MariaDB technology. Built for speed, security and reliability.
What is CyberPanel Hosting?
CyberPanel VPS hosting is Linux based VPS hosting with CyberPanel preconfigured and hosting reseller capabilities. CyberPanel shared hosting would be a single restricted CyberPanel account. Hosting providers will oftentimes implement additional features to connect customers with software they’ve developed in-house. Managed CyberPanel server plans may also include free technical support, something uncommon with unmanaged VPS plans.
What can I host having a cloud?
Whatever you fancy for hosting so long as the content/application is authorized as well as the system specifications are supported. Each and every Cloud Server is actually a completely unrestricted root entry Linux system and/or Windows setting, nearly anything that one could operate from the classic dedicated hosting server could be run here.
Am I allowed to upgrade resources on my hosting server at any time?
Of course - resources like Processor, Memory space, Disk Space & Data transfer usage could be upgraded whenever you require. The upgrade procedure is actually comparatively simple and easy and does not call for any downtime for that hosting server. Everything you need to do is make contact with our billing department and then we keep up with the rest.
Is bandwidth usage calculated from outbound, inbound, or inbound+outbound traffic?
Your bandwidth usage is based on the highest of either your inbound traffic or your outbound traffic. For example, if your VPS uses 100 GB of incoming bandwidth and 200 GB outgoing bandwidth, your utilization for billing purposes would be 200 GB.
What plan should I choose?
If you're about to get started & not sure, we recommend that you start with CVP 1 and work your way up. You can resize your server up or down at any time, so there's no pressure.