12 Essential Features of VernalWeb Shared Hosting

Finding the right web hosting provider can be challenging, yet it is crucial that you rely on a company & pick the right plan for your website hosting. As your website security, speed & performance depend on the web host you select, it’s really important to ensure that you are getting maximum reliability from that company. To run a website successfully, there are many features you will need in your shared hosting plan such as updated technology, latest storage, email, managed services etc. Besides these, you will need 24/7 expert technical support in case you have a bad error on your website.

At VernalWeb, we have been offering shared hosting services for over 8 years and always try to improve them. We provide exceptional shared hosting plans around. So if you are looking for a web host, who are providing premium yet essential features, you may check out these great features of our shared hosting plans.

12 Essential Features of VernalWeb Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular type of web hosting around the world due to low cost. If you want to get maximum reliability within your budget, you must be able to identify the most important features of shared hosting. Let’s discuss the most essential features of VernalWeb shared hosting.

1. Latest Technology

Keeping your website updated with the latest technology is our primary concern. We use NVMe storage which is faster than regular SSDs. VernalWeb shared hosting is cloud-based. So your website won’t be affected by any hardware crash and we ensure your website is live with the highest uptime guarantee.

2. Most User-friendly Control Panel

Control panel is the most important feature of a website. A control panel needs to be easy to manage and offer the wide range of functions that people with less experience need. cPanel is the most flexible and user-friendly control panel empowering almost 20% of websites around the world. This dashboard is so simple that anyone can manage his website without any technical knowledge.

VernalWeb shared hosting plans include cPanel control. You can manage your domain, DNS, email, database, files and all other related components from a single panel. It’s so simple & easy to install a software or application like WordPress or Laravel within a few clicks. Tracking your website visitors & usage from the control panel is one-click away in this panel. All these features are included in our shared hosting plans.

3. Managed Service

As an owner, you always want to focus on your business growth. Managing your hosting environment can be a burden for you. In case of unmanaged service, you will always need to concentrate on hosting to keep your website fast, secure & optimized. But this is time & resource consuming (you must have a hosting specialist). Partnering with VernalWeb will give your release in that case. All our shared hosting  packages are fully managed. We always monitor the full hosting environment on behalf of you. Even if you want to upgrade your website to our Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server, we’ve got you covered.

4. Free Daily Backups

Having a website secure is a must do for a website owner. Backups are a very important part of a hosting service. This will keep your website secure and save your time and effort in case of any disaster or you accidentally remove your files, databases etc. At VernalWeb, we are offering a daily automatic backup facility for all shared hosting users at no cost. We keep backups for up to 7 days. So if you need, you can restore your backup files anytime with a few clicks.

5. Uptime Guarantee

There is nothing worse than having a website that keeps going offline. It gives a bad impression to your visitors, can affect your search engine ranking and loses you sales. This can happen if your shared hosting is affected by other users on the server or if the servers are old and need constant maintenance.

If you’re worried about your server uptime, VernalWeb has got you covered. Our website hosting platform is designed to make sure your website is fast, secure & always live. All our servers are guaranteed by 99.9% uptime availability.

6. Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a very important feature right now. It encrypts user data and works as theft protection. Users are now more security concerned. They are not willing to buy from a website without SSL security. Over half of online shoppers will only buy from websites labelled as secure. Websites with SSL Certificates are now getting extra value in search engine visibility. With VernalWeb shared hosting, you can install Let’s Encrypt SSL for your websites.

7. Unlimited Emails

Email is one of the revolutionary modern communication systems. In today’s world running a business without email is almost impossible. VernalWeb shared hosting includes unlimited email features in all plans. You can use your custom business email (i.e sales@yourbusiness.com) which helps you increase the business brand value. You can access your emails from anywhere using webmail, integrate it with Outlook and other email clients, use calendars, contacts, tasks, etc., and from within cPanel, you can set up forwarding, autoresponders and add new email addresses – and there are no limits on these either. To keep your inbox safe, we always filter your email for viruses, malware and spam.

8. Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer capacity for a specific time of your website. For most of our shared hosting plans, we provide unlimited bandwidth which means we don’t limit your data transfer capacity. The more visitors your website has the more bandwidth you will need. Some web hosts limit this feature and if you reach this limit, your website will go offline. This is harmful for your business. At VernalWeb, we stand by your business. Your website can use as much bandwidth as it needs.

9. Free Domain

If you’re planning to get your first website live, you need to register the domain name for your business. This will cost on an average $10 – $20. But starting with VernalWeb has never been easier. We offer free domain registration for the first year with all our shared plans except Trim plan.

10. Scalability

Your website may outgrow at any time and you may face a shortage of resources. VernalWeb offers you reliable & scalable shared hosting plans. If your website needs higher resources, you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time without any downtime.

11. 24/7 Expert Support

This is the most important feature a web hosting provider must have. So we believe that providing technical support is a primary part of being a great web host. Getting your website hosted at VernalWeb, you are backed by a 24/7 robust support system. Our award-winning support team will resolve any kind of issue within the minimum time limit.

12. Free Migration

If you want to transfer your website to our hosting, we will do it at no cost for you. You just need to provide your old hosting credentials to our support staff. Our hosting specialists will take care of the rest. We don’t depend on any automated software for website data migration. All transfer processes are done manually. So you can stay relaxed about your website data.


As one of the Bangladeshi leading managed hosting providers, we’ve worked hard over the last 8 years to create a range of shared hosting plans that meet the needs of business owners and their websites. We’re confident that our plans provide secure, reliable and high-performance hosting for your site while giving you a simple and effective way to manage your hosting – all at a very affordable price.

For more details, check out our shared hosting plans.

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