Saief Mahmud

Saief Mahmud

Saief is the founder and CEO of VernalWeb, a fast growing web hosting company. Saief is a digital marketing enthusiast. He's on a valiant quest to discover effective marketing strategies then share those secrets with VernalWeb users.
Rising Star Award

VernalWeb Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

We are excited to share the review of VernalWeb by one of the leading independent B2B software review platforms. is a website that lets you find the best B2B & SaaS solutions. Garnering a 8.0 overall score and 94%…

types of web hosting

What Kind of Hosting Should I Choose for My Website?

If you are making your website for the first time, choosing the right hosting service can be one of the challenging jobs. Different types of web hosting services have different types of features and a variety of impacts on your…

Drive traffic to new website

16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your New Website

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean anyone is ever going to see it unless you drive traffic there.  When you create a website, your first and most challenging job is “How to get visitors to the website?” You…

hosting impact on seo performance

How Web Hosting Plan Affects SEO Performance of Your Website

In this modern world, business owners are expanding their business virtually. Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, moving online is becoming the topmost priority of all types of businesses. So, marketing challenges are rising day by day. Modern marketing is all…

Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy from Scratch to Finish

Marketing is a core element of a business. Business is evolving faster with modern technology. To keep up the pace with this evolution, marketing has also gone digital. Digital marketing has become more powerful & effective than traditional marketing in…


How to Choose the Best Hosting Location for Your Website

Does the website hosting location have an impact on website speed? Yes. Your website hosting location has an impact on the website speed. If you have 60% visitors from USA, your website should be hosted in the USA rather than…

website speed optimization

Top 12 Techniques to Website Speed Optimization

How much important is your website speed? Suppose you have visited a website to find a solution or information. While visiting, the website is loading & loading. How do you feel? You will be annoyed and leave the website and…